Research Methodology Tuition for University Students

STUDYZinc will focus specially on introducing skills and methods to problem solving, which will develop self-motivation in learning for pupils and a quest for excellence. Rather than just delivering information and materials to the students, our professional tutors will use more visual stages that will stimulate a more rapid understanding of the basic issues and focus upon strategies that will lead to independent learners.

Study zinc aims to prepare students thoroughly for university students examinations by addressing their learning needs. Study zinc tutors will work alongside their pupils helping to provide an organised and structured approach to research methodology for assignments and exam preparation. In addition, study zinc tutors are trained to make subjects more interesting and relevant by communicating with energy and to go beyond facts students understand the ideas behind them.

Our tuition centre offers the following subjects for University students in dublin:
  • - Accounting
  • - Biochemistry
  • - Business & Management
  • - Business & Marketing
  • - Business Studies
  • - Chemistry
  • - Communication Technologies
  • - Computing & IT
  • - Economics
  • - Finance
  • - International Studies
  • - Leadership & Management
  • - Law
  • - Management & Marketing
  • - Project Management
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